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Improved FPS

Boost Your FPS by up to 41%

Boost your FPS by up to 41% and keep it stable. FPS boosts lead to less input lag, better responsiveness, and overall performance. With up to 41% more FPS and stable results no matter how much utility is on your screen, you’ll have complete control when you need it most.

Reduced Latency

Drastically Reduced Valorant Latency

Frametimes, CPU, GPU, CPU RHI, game-to-render latency… the list goes on. You don’t need to know what they mean, but the lower the number, the faster your inputs happen, the more competitive advantage you have—and the quicker your enemies die.

Performance Pack

CompReady™ Valorant Performance Pack

250+ custom tweaks streamline your setup and optimize for Valorant—minimizing your in-game input latency by up to 2ms. That’s precious time you get to react quicker than your enemies.

Custom GPU Driver

Custom GPU Driver with Valorant Settings

Regular GPU drivers are filled with bloat slowing down your machine. We install a clean bloat-free driver and custom GPU profile with Valorant-specific tweaks, improving your performance across the board.

Smooth Gameplay

Smooth Gameplay with Faster Response

No stutters. No screen tears. No sluggish PC. Only crisp mouse inputs and ultra-smooth gameplay, meaning your aim will feel smoother, easier, and your inputs will register faster than players on unoptimized setups.

Instant Hit-Registration

Instant Hit-Registration

With our network tweaks, you’ll experience that ‘crispy’ feeling with instant hit-registration, along with improved network stability reducing your ping and packet loss.


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Safe, Professional Overclocking Delivered by Experts

Our experts maximize the performance of every CPU, GPU, RAM, and Motherboard with rigorous stress-tests for stability and peak performance.

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Free Tech Support for 60 days Post Optimization

On-hand experts ready to solve any issues, providing updated guides to keep your optimized PC running smoothly, all for free.

Optimized Apps Icon

Optimized Apps & Driver Updates for optimal performance

We tweak common apps and install up-to-date drivers to boost in-game performance and ensure your PC runs smoothly.

Cooler Temps Icon

Cooler Temps, Faster Speeds, Longer Lifespan

Custom manual tweaks for voltage, RAM timings, clock speeds, and fan curves ensure faster performance and cooler temps.

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