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Limited Warranty

You SHOULD NOT touch the settings that were changed during optimization unless consulting with a COMPREADY technician or communicated in the support channel prior. Live updates on game patches and new changes need to be communicated through discord announcements as soon as possible.

What Is Covered

COMPREADY will provide a limited warranty on PC optimization for (2) two months, which starts on the day your PC is originally optimized. This includes (i) troubleshooting PC crashing (ii) Identifying / modifying performance issues (iii) assisting with driver / game updates. Any issues outside of the ones mentioned above will be handled on a case-by-case basis, at the discretion of COMPREADY.

What We Are Not Liable For

Because of the nature of hardware components, COMPREADY will not be liable for any hardware damages that may arise after optimization. This includes CPU, GPU, Memory and other hardware components. Further, any unauthorized changes to your BIOS, Process Lasso, Windows Custom Settings & Video Settings will VOID the warranty agreement.

How To Exercise Warranty 

In the event of an issue, you must notify COMPREADY immediately via our discord channel. We will then schedule a time to rectify your issue. Further instructions will be provided in our channel.