Full Configuration



The gold standard in customized performance enhancement

The fact is, a PC’s original factory settings underperform when faced with specific tasks. COMPREADY has the power to change that affordably. We customize every machine to create the perfect Valorant gaming PC, video editing suite, or graphic powerhouse– and we have the data to back it up.

Regardless of a PC’s configuration, COMPREADY is ready to make it perform!

Our PC configuration breathes new life into machines well past their prime, and great machines become even greater when COMPREADY maximizes potential!

COMPREADY guarantees an FPS increase of (35%) and an input latency decrease of up to 2ms. With COMPREADY, problems like lag spikes and screen tears have become a thing of the past. Besides drastic performance increases, COMPREADY’s configuration service lowers both CPU and GPU temperatures by a significant amount. By doing this, we not only squeeze every last bit of performance from your PC but also extend the life of the machine saving users hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

COMPREADY’s configuration is completely customized to a user’s specific needs, and it’s all done remotely! Our talented team of technicians will complete a thorough review of a computer’s configuration and then present configuration recommendations. Finally, they will walk users through the whole configuration process, step-by-step as it’s being completed. Once a remote configuration session is completed and the unit is fully tested to report performance improvement, users then have access to COMPREADY’s support team to assist with active bug fixes, game-breaking fixes, and solutions to game-related problems.

Professional players like Shroud and Babybay are taking advantage of COMPREADY’s configuration benefits, and now you can too!

The proof is in the performance, so sign up with COMPREADY and get COMPETITIVE READY!