COMPREADY is a company co-founded in 2022 by Apex and Trippy (More info on us in a second). 

Our goal is to provide a safe, trusted and expert industry-leading PC performance service for anyone serious about gaming. 

We’re not your standard ‘bedroom optimizer’ you’ll find on the likes of Twitter. We’re a real company and we’re founded by real gamers – just like you.

We noticed that most pros have no idea how unoptimized their PC is or how to solve the problem. Not only that, but our competitors in the industry are not providing optimizations to our standards.

For over a decade, we’ve researched gaming performance to extreme levels allowing us to provide our flagship product today – An industry leading Valorant Optimization.

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Austin "Apex" Copeland

founding partner

Austin started his professional esports career working for pro esports orgs such as Noble and TSM. And since 2015 he’s always built companies with one goal in mind: Improving the people around him – and the world. For example the first company he built at only 13 years old was a non-profit charity designed to help the less fortunate people in Tanzania. He helped them get funding, managed to send them over 10,000 shoes, and he built all the infrastructure to do it himself. All to make a difference. He started COMPREADY with Thomas with the exact same mindset. His goal: Help serious gamers - like you - experience pro performance at the lowest possible cost. At COMPREADY our standard is to provide an elite service that actually works, but doesn’t break the bank. It shouldn’t just be Tier 1 orgs with funding who get to experience smooth gameplay with minimal input lag. And with COMPREADY, it’s available to all.

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Thomas "Trippy" Schappy

Founding partner

Thomas got his taste of the pro scene by joining FaZe clan as an Analyst, working his way up to becoming head coach for the Valorant team. He’s coined his own playstyle ‘smeaging’, enjoyed a 2nd place finish at Masters and this is when he realized: Not even pro players know how to properly optimize their systems. Thomas is the mastermind behind our optimizations. 17 years of experience tweaking PC’s alongside his Dad – a 15+ year IT expert – has led to intricate research allowing COMPREADY to deliver the best optimization on the market. Thomas is a perfectionist with an obsessive eye for detail. COMPREADY optimizations are a direct result of his passion and efforts to deliver the best quality products possible.