COMPREADY is a computer software as a service business that’s set it sights on improving computer performance and lowering the cost of ownership for the customer. Whether it’s fine-tuning high-end PCs or squeezing every last bit of possible power from older rigs, COMPREADY guarantees up to a 41% increase in FPS and a reduction in end-to-end latency by up to 2ms. We not only speed your computer up, but we extend the life of the computer by one to two years. Through countless years of studying, we have found all the necessary pieces to a well-optimized computer. COMPREADY’s PC Optimization goes far beyond the industry norm– every PC Optimization is personalized based on the user’s components and individual requirements. By fine-tuning the customer’s computer hardware and software, COMPREADY converts PCs into more optimized rigs for professionals.

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Austin "Apex" Copeland

founding partner

I'm Austin Copeland, also known as Apex. I started my professional esports career two years ago. I previously worked for Noble and TSM, building talent infrastructures for organizations and prioritizing player development. I've been in the world of business since 2015 and have always built companies with the goal of bettering the people around me and the world. I started COMPREADY with Thomas in hopes of lowering the cost for the videogame player and breaking down the barriers to gain performance and longevity. My goal is to create a standard that the gaming community upholds evening the landscape for all no matter there computer price.

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Thomas "Trippy" Schappy

Founding partner

Thomas is a long time gamer and an FPS shooter enthusiast since the age of 10. He broke into the professional esports scene in 2020 when he made his start on FaZe Clan as an analyst. Working with the FaZe Clan roster for multiple months and to eventually become the headcoach. The Team had a 2nd place finish at Masters 1 with the aggressive style that Thomas created coined "smeaging". His passion has always been computers and he truly fell in love with them at an early age. Thomas got into tweaking computers at an early age as his father is a 15+ year IT Technician and helped facilitate his passion for computers.