In an effort to efficiently get through our process, we have outlined some frequently asked questions and answers for our process.

Questions & Answers

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Join our Discord and create a ticket.


Is it only for Valorant?

No. You’ll get boosts across the board, but there are Valorant specific tweaks. If you play other games, be sure to tell our technicians, who know optimal tweaks to help you with specific games.

My Appointment Is At XX, Will Someone DM Me Or Do I Just Join A Channel?

When it’s time for your appointment, we ask that you join #waitingroom and then you will be moved from there.

Is it safe to give COMPREADY remote access to my PC?

Unlike some of our competitors, we have a tight-knit group of expert technicians so that we can personally guarantee professionalism. We vet all our technicians to the highest possible standards and provide in-house training, to ensure they deliver an elite service everytime.

How does BIOS optimization work?

We’ll need you to connect to Discord via your phone, where our technicians can walk you through the process effortlessly. Make sure your phone is charged!

How Long Does Reformatting Take?

Reformatting times are dependent on your system but we recommend 6 hours to be safe.

Do I need to be at my PC?

You must be around, as there are some optimization questions the technician needs to know to guarantee you get the maximum possible performance.

Do I need to send in my PC?

No, we do everything remotely.

Am I Allowed To Re-Install Some Programs Prior To The Optimization?

Yes you are.

What Will Happen To My Files When I Reformat My Pc?

When you reformat, you lose all data on your hard drives except your Windows license. We urge all users to do a proper backup of important files prior to reformatting.

Is There A Warranty For This Optimization?

Yes, we will fix anything that comes up in a two-month period if you haven’t messed with anything on your side. Please refer to TOS for more specific details.

Why Is Reformatting Required?

The reason we have you reformat is to prioritize stability with your computer. When you wipe it to its bare bones, it gives us a blank canvas to work on.

Should I Do Anything With The Pack Or Just Download It?

Once you download the optimization pack, you should leave it until our technician begins work on your computer.

How long does it take?

Usually up to 2 hours, but often less. We always go above and beyond to ensure you get the best possible standard of service, and to do that we need to be thorough.

Can’t I just google/youtube this?

You can, if you want subpar results. You can see our comparison image above. Our optimization is an elite service that leaves no stone unturned. We perform over 800+ individual tweaks, specific game optimizations and we perform optimizations that are specific to YOUR setup.