In an effort to efficiently get through our process, we have outlined some frequently asked questions and answers for our process.

Questions & Answers

My Appointment Is At XX, Will Someone DM Me Or Do I Just Join A Channel?

When it’s time for your appointment, we ask that you join #waitingroom and then you will be moved from there.

I Bought an optimization, How Do I Get The Role In The Server?

In COMPREADY discord FAQ section.

How do i Get Min/Max Fps For My Screenshot?

When you are trying to get your screenshots before, please toggle on FPS, CPU RHI, CPU game time, GPU render, Game to render, Render Latency, Game Latency, and frame times. This is to be done in the range once you spawn in. The settings to toggle on in the range are in Escape>Settings>Video>Stats.

How Long Does Reformatting Take?

Reformatting takes quite a while we ask you to reformat before you go to sleep for your session or start 6 hours before your scheduled period.

What Will Happen To My Programs When I Reformat My Pc?

If you reformat and lose certain programs, we can try our best to get those back for you, but no guarantees. (Make sure you back up all critical files needed for your day-to-day.)

Am I Allowed To Re-Install Some Programs Prior To The Optimization?

Yes you are.

What Will Happen To My Files When I Reformat My Pc?

When you reformat, you lose all data on your hard drives except your Windows license. We urge all users to do a proper backup of important files prior to reformatting.

Is There A Warranty For This Optimization?

Yes, we will fix anything that comes up in a two-month period if you haven’t messed with anything on your side. Please refer to TOS for more specific details.

Why Is Reformatting Required?

The reason we have you reformat is to prioritize stability with your computer. When you wipe it to its bare bones, it gives us a blank canvas to work on.

Should I Do Anything With The Pack Or Just Download It?

Once you download the optimization pack, you should leave it until our technician begins work on your computer.

What Happens If My Pc Crashes Later Down The Line And The Optimizations In The Bios Reset?

If this happens, we will take care of you and honor anything like this within reason.